Monday, October 24, 2011

The Modern Pharisee

Firstly, I would like to appologize for not writing any music lately.  I have been very busy over the summer and of late and have not written much.  Secondly, this song is about, well, what I like to call the 'Modern Day '.

Verse 1:
Have you ever had the answer but no one would believe?
Trapped inside you body like a helpless little seed

It's trying to awaken but nobody understands
The reason you're forgiven was never in your hands

You focus on the honor just to glorify yourself
but soon you'll realize that there's a heaven and a hell

when will you
There's more to living than being alive

Because, everytime when you clos eyou eyes
He's the reason you realize when you wake up in the morning

Every night in the cloudless sky, when the stars seem to come alive,
He named each one and put them in their place

And have you ever wondered why,
Trees on the mountain side, never die, never die,
Like we'll never die

Verse 2:
It seems the world is growing older ever slowly passing by
The people wonder aimlessly without their ears or eyes

But you saw all this coming, you warned us with you word
So that our only purpose is to bring them to your doors

Now everyday they struggle, and everyday they fight
Why can't they tell from all the bruises they're blind without the light


Have you ever wondered why, every time when you close your eyes
You wake up in the morning

Chorus 2:
It's because of the love inside he showed when he sent his son,
To die for us

So how could you pass him by, our God who lived to die for you,
Because he loves you, he loves you


  1. It makes me think of when Paul told his testimony...that Jesus showed up in a big way and said to him "I am sending you to them to open their eyes and turn them from darkness to that they may receive forgiveness of sins and a place among those who are (set apart) by faith in me.’" Acts 26:18

    Thanks for the reminder. I never want to be blind and bruised again. :)

  2. This is so good Spencer! You are so talented and I love how true this is.